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Green Pedel Great September promotion is coming

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September has arrived and we have prepared many activities, on the one hand, in order to enhance the passion of the employees, on the other hand, in order to bring the greatest benefits to our customers in this purchasing season.

As usual, this big promotion will also give each customer a final discount of 3%, which can be said to have reached the lowest price in the entire electric bicycle and electric bicycle kit industry. The discount range includes all our electric bicycle kit products and electric bicycle products, including accessories. At the same time, for every customer who places an order, we will also have a small gift shipped with the goods.

Time of sales promotion: 09.01.2021(00:00:00)~09.30.2021(23:59:59) (PDT)


Benefits of sales promotion will be divided into two parts:


For ebike kits,

ebike kit

· 3% off for bulk order, no matter order online or offline.


·  Coupons for sample order, that could be used directly in next order. 150 usd off if order more than 5,000 usd, 300 usd off if order more than 10,000usd.


·  An exquisite gift, no matter bulk order or sample order. The gift will be shipped together with your order.


PS. Above are all not including Bafang Mid drive motor kits.


For ebikes,


·   If your order the sample in September, we will reduce the shipping of the sample in your next order if your bulk order quantity will be up to 40HQ container.


·   If your order quantity is more than 20FTor 20GP and the ebike unit price is less than 500usd, then we will match every ebike with the saddel cover.


·   If your order quantity is more than 20FT or 20GP and the ebike unit price is more than 500usd, then we will match every ebike with the one of gifts as follows:


PS. All gifts can be your logos.


In addition, we have several live broadcasts in September, which will let you know more about our products and the strength of the company. If you want to know more, please don't miss the live broadcast. The live event is arranged as follows, and you can watch it directly when you click on the link:





Both kits and electric bicycles have great discounts. If you need them, you can check the products on our category page or contact us directly. If you have customized needs, please contact us directly, we will give you the best solution.

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