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5 tips for safe riding

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Cycling is one of the most popular sports at the moment. It is undeniable that the development of electric bicycles has played an important role. Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly and mobile-you can ride as you wish.


In addition, when you ride an electric bike, you should consider different factors to choose the safest route. Some of these factors include weather, maintenance level, speed and road quality. Don't forget, no matter what vehicle you ride or drive, safety is your responsibility.

5 tips for safety inspections

The best way to keep your electric bike in good condition is to take it to a dedicated service center for regular maintenance. However, before each outing, you can do a quick check yourself to make sure everything is in order. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes and you don't need any special technical skills. The inspection can be divided into 5 simple steps:


Check the brakes.

Check the wheels.

Check the lights.

Check the display.

Don't forget your safety equipment.

Now we will discuss each point in detail. All these tips will prevent your electric bike from malfunctioning in the middle of the route.

1. Check the brakes

It is important to verify the condition of the brake. The speed you can achieve on an electric bike is much higher than simply pedaling. In addition, electric bicycles are heavier than traditional pedal bicycles. Therefore, more braking force is required to stop the movement of the electric two-wheeled vehicle.


Most modern electric bicycles are equipped with disc brakes. These brakes are activated by levers on the handlebars. When activated, the brake pads are pushed toward the rotor in the middle of the wheel.

2. Check the wheels

First, make sure that the tire pressure is within the value recommended by the manufacturer. Use a gauge to check it. If the pressure is normal, continue to verify that the front wheels are firmly connected. To check it, you need to hold the handlebar with one hand. Then, use the other hand to try to move the wheel left and right. The wheels should not move at all. Next, lift the front side of the electric bicycle and rotate the front wheel. It should rotate freely, smoothly and without noise. Repeat this operation with the rear wheel. If the wheel fails any of the above tests, you'd better take your electric bike to a professional mechanic for repair.

3. Check the light

In order to ride safely in rain or darkness, bright lights are necessary. Your electric bike must have a bright headlight so that you can see the road ahead. It also needs a bright taillight so that other vehicles on the road can see you from a distance. In order to reduce power consumption and battery consumption, our TOP 3 is equipped with powerful front and rear LED lights, which can cruise safely even in the dark. In addition, it also has turn signals, allowing you to see in all light conditions. In any case, turn on all lights before going out for a ride to make sure they are working properly.

4. Check the display

The display screen is a very important part of the electric bicycle. It will display important information about your ride, such as battery level, speed, and distance traveled. This is the reason why TOP 3.0 is equipped with a large display screen, with indicators for every important parameter. Therefore, before each ride, turn on the display and verify that it is working properly. Check it to make sure it did not cause any damage to the screen.

5. Don't forget general safety

Last but not least, make sure you use the correct safety equipment during your ride. Always wear a helmet and choose a safe route based on your riding skill level. Plan every detail of your ride and make sure to make all the necessary preparations for the weather conditions of the day. We have a guide that can help you ride safely in any weather conditions. Adjust the saddle, rearview mirror, and handlebars in a way that is comfortable for you. How to arrange your service inspection


With proper maintenance and quick inspections before each ride, you can be sure that you will spend many hours of fun on an electric bike.


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