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  • How long can the battery of an electric bicycle last?

    The battery on the new electric bicycle can last two to five years. The service life of an electric bicycle battery is determined by three main factors: 1. The type and brand of the battery used2. How many times has the battery been charged during its service life3. The age of the battery Before the

  • How to choose the right battery for your electric bike

    The battery can be said to be the most important part of an electric bicycle. However, most electric bicycle users will ask a popular question. How to choose the right battery for electric bicycles? How do you know which one is the best among all available battery types? What type of battery do I bu

  • How to choose the suitable electric bicycle

    Electric bicycle: refers to the mechatronics personal transportation that uses the battery as auxiliary energy to install the motor, controller, battery, handlebar, brake lever, pedal assist sensor and other control components and display instrument system on the basis of ordinary bicycles. tool. In