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  • E-bike battery maintenance in winter everything you need to know
    As winter approaches, you may find yourself pondering the fate of your e-bike. Perhaps you're eager to continue your exhilarating exercise during the cold, wet season. Or maybe you're looking for guidance on how to store your e-bike for the long term.At Green Pedel, we understand your concerns, and
  • E-Bike Battery Care And Maintenance
    The heart of the e-bike is a battery. These things are great devices, storing a lot of energy in a small space. If looked after properly, these things can last a long long time, but you need to take care of them on and off your bike. In this article we're gonna be looking at all those tips and avoid
  • E bike Battery Repair - How to Fix and Troubleshoot it
    Need to repair your e-bike battery? Learn how to troubleshoot and fix common issues with this helpful guide. Get your e-bike back on the road in no time.If your e-bike battery suddenly breaks down then do you choose to throw it away and buy a new one, or try to get it repaired.
  • How to make the most of your electric bike battery
    An electric bicycle is essentially an ordinary bicycle with a motor, a display, and a battery added. Ordinary electric bicycle users can hardly affect the service life of the motor and display, but the battery is within our control. It is our "power" (pun intended) to take steps to keep the battery



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