GP.H16F System 
For Folding Ebike
Light · Fashion · Simply
High-performance drive unit Super silent Improved waterproof performace
Frame integrated battery Pack various capacity for options 
Max 504Wh
Intelligent dot-matrix LCD display smart, stylish and delicate design comfortable touch feel and good response
Dual Hall PAS Sensor
12 signals
Which type of ebike are you interested in?

Folding bike

By folding the frame, the front and rear wheels are folded together, which can reduce the length by about 45%

City bike

They are built like a hybrid city bike to be comfortable yet efficient. Slice through your city streets in style with it.

Road bike

With the well-designed motor and clever battery, the road electric bicycle is lighter and powerful.

Mountain bike

Suitable battery and motor that give you additional power to your pedalling action to help you tackle any terrain and enjoy the ride.

Fat bike

Powerful motor systems more than offset the weight and drag of fat tires, making them more enjoyable for less athletic riders.


With 1.8kg motor and other accessories makes the ebike light
easy to folding and carrying


Foldable frame, hidden battery, compact motor, whole electric bike system with fashion elements


The whole system is waterproof, and the battery and controller built into the frame make the whole ebike look very simple
Motor                            36V 250W geared hub motor
Battery                          Max 504Wh frame integrated battery pack
Controller                      36V 15A waterproof controller
Display                          KD58C intelligent dot-matrix LCD display
Throttle                         Thumb throttle/twist throttle for option
Ebrake                          Ebrake/brake sensor for option
PAS                               Dual hall PAS sensor 12 signals
The electric bicycle solution is for any customer who has the ability to produce the whole electric bike. Our electric bicycle solution includes various models, including folding bikes, fat tire bikes, city bikes and so on. If you are a bicycle manufacturer and want to carry out the electric bicycle business in the future, please contact us.



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