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Greenpedel D45A 1500W 2000W 3000W high power e bike motor

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Greenpedel BLDC 1500W-3000W hub motor for electric bike,maxed speed can reach to 70KM/H with max torque more than 60N.M.silent and powerful .people can use it for offroad , or limited the power and speed to 250W/25KM/H and use it for road legal.
  • GP-D45
  • Green pedel
  • 48V-72V
  • 1500W-3000W
  • BLDC hub motor




Rated voltage    48V-72V

Net weight    9KG

Max no-load speed    560RPM

Noise    <60db

Rated power    1500W-3000W

Working temperature    -20℃-45℃

Max loading speed    510RPM

Cable location    shaft center right

Efficiency    ≥75%

Quantity of the magnets    46

Waterproof grade    IP54

Anti-corrosion grade    96

Fitting wheel size    16"-28"(700C)

Brake type    V brake/disc brake

Fork size    142mm fro rear wheel

Spoke holes    10G/12G

Our hub motors are all brushless motors, which can be divided into two categories: gear motors and DC motors. 

Gear motors are small size, light weight, large torque, small running current, power-saving, low motor noise, but the power is low and slow. Therefore, gear motors are generally used for 250w-750w motors. 

While DC motors have large torque, fast speed and large power, because there is no gear system, and less motor damage is caused. But the size is large, heavy and consumes power, so we usually use DC motor for 750w-3000w motor.