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Greenpedel Spanninga Pixeo E Bike Rear LED Light

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  • Green pedel
  • <40g
  • rear light




Versions    Xds/Xb/Xba

Light source    1 red LED>8Cd

Power source    Dynamo(Xds)/Batteries 2x AAA 1.5V(Xb,Xba)

Battery load indicator    Yes(Xb,Xba)

Autonomy    >120h(Xb,Xba) Danish regulation : >18h(Xb,Xba)

Weight    <40g

Functions    Light & Motion Sensor(Xba) Safe-Stop(Xds)

Colours    Black Chrome(Xb)

The rearlamp combines a powerful light beam with a modern and very compact shape. It is a universal headlamp with an efficient light output, which fits perfectly to the design of all types of bicycles. The light is available in a dynamo and e-bike version.


The rearlamp has 1 powerful white LED. It features the unique XTL Technology©, which gives an impressive 30 Lux light output. The light beam is bright, but non-blinding and therefore not only safe for you, but also for other road users. Are you interested in how we measure our light output? Then please take a look at Our Expertise page for more information.

The light has a robust front fork bracket and an efficient reflector. This creates an optimal safety and visibility. The high quality housing of the rearlamp features an elegant and contrasting silver line, which gives this rearlamp a unique touch.

Functions & Performance

The rearlamp produces a powerful light beam of 30 Lux, which is conform to German, Danish and Dutch standards. 

The e-bike version of the rearlamp is compatible with all common e-bikes with a voltage range from 6-36VDC.