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Warranty Policy

After-sales Service Terms


we provide different guarantee period for different products when customer provide our product’s serial number, relation pictures and videos, Order number and other relation information.



Lithium Battery



Other electric parts

Warranty period

3 years

2 years

1 year

1 year

0.5 year

1. Guarantee period start from the production time on product. ( if there is no production time on product for some electric parts, we will calculate it from Order Invoice date and plus 45 days more for warranty )

2. In guarantee period, after our technician confirmed the product has quality problem :

A. If both parties confirm that the parts can be replaced for maintenance, our company will immediately arrange to send the parts to the customer by express delivery, and the express cost shall be borne by our company.

B. If both parties confirm that the product cannot be repaired by changing parts, our company will immediately arrange to replace the new corresponding product, and send it to the customer by express delivery or following the next batch of sea order. The delivery cost will be borne by our company.

C. Customers generally do not need to send back the defective products;If our company needs the customer to send the problem product back for further analysis, the transportation cost shall be borne by our company.


The above warranty terms refer to the product quality problems caused by the user under normal use; 

Belong to one of the following items, are not within the scope of free warranty, even if the product in the warranty period, our company will charge related fees.

1. Human fault caused by user's wrong operation;

2. The user disassembles, repairs or changes program by himself and caused problem.

3. Other problems and faults caused by abnormal use (such as overload);

4. Failure and damage caused by force majeure factors (such as fire, earthquake, snow and ice, lightning strike, flood, etc.).


All products of our company are provided with lifelong maintenance service. If there is any problem out of the warranty period, our company can provide corresponding parts to the customer for maintenance, and the cost of parts and transportation costs shall be borne by the customer.

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