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Green pedel hub motor electric bike conversion kit

View: 3808/01/2021  

Ebike conversion kit refers to the kit that convert the normal bike to electric bike. Normaly, the ebike conversion kit include
electric bicycle motor, ebike battery, display, throttle, ebrake and PAS. Customer can also choose front light and rear light.

_DSC8718 gai1 1000.jpg

Our hub motors are all brushless motors, which can be divided into two categories: gear motors and DC motors.

Gear motors are small size, light weight, large torque, small running current, power-saving, low motor noise, but the power is low and slow. Therefore, gear motors are generally used for 250w-750w motors.

While DC motors have large torque, fast speed and large power, because there is no gear system, and less motor damage is caused. But the size is large, heavy and consumes power, so we usually use DC motor for 750w-3000w motor.



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