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Green pedel the first live broadcast ended successfully

View: 4415/09/2020  

On September 15 th, that is, from 1 am to 3 am today, our team completed the first live broadcast tour in the company. Although everyone worked hard to stay up late, we successfully completed this live broadcast.


At the beginning of the live broadcast, our beauty anchor was still a little nervous, but with the live broadcast, the state was getting better and better. We also successfully completed every link of the live broadcast, such as the inspection of materials, the inspection of samples and sample cabinets, packaging, etc. During the period, we also interacted with some customers and demonstrated some products and assemblies that customers are interested in. Thank you very much for watching.

Of course, we will have a second live broadcast in the early morning of next Tuesday, that is, from 1: 00 to 3: 00 on September 22, and I hope everyone can come and join us.

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