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Green pedel Lingbei LB-01 mid drive motor

View: 3330/07/2020  

This mid drive motor fits for the bike with 68mm or 73mm wide bottom bracket. The inner diamater of the bracket should be not less than 33.5mm.

Power 250/350W

Voltage 36V

Controller Current 15A

Bracket bottom 68mm/73mm

Display Working Temperature -20-80℃

Waterproof GradeIP65


1, It's the newest version 2.0 .
We can provide a 1T2 bus cable and shift sensor
We can provide a midmotor kit with light function .
2, There are 42T 46T chain wheels for you to choose.
We'd like to change the brake lever into Hydraulic Brack Sensor freely.
4, 2 kinds of display for you to choose(C600 and C800).

5,This midmotor cannot be used on carbon fiber bicycle.



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