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Inventory check after resuming work

View: 15328/02/2020  

After nearly a month's rest, our company officially resumed work! Although our salesmen cannot normally come to work in the company, they still insist on serving customers during this period of time. Therefore, we carried out inventory check and response immediately after returning to work.

The results of the stocktaking are in our estimation. Although many spare electric bike parts have been consumed in one month, most of our main products are still in sufficient stock. Electric bicycle kits such as G24, G104, M58 and D30 can still meet customers' orders. In the same way, Bafang Tongsheng and other mid-sized motor kits are still on sale, and electric bicycle components such as meters and batteries are also being purchased to meet customers' purchasing needs as much as possible.





Therefore, our company still has sufficient supply capacity to meet the needs of the vast number of buyers, and the five-star merchants return to full status.

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