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Friends from Spain

View: 38328/10/2019  

Recently, the longtime Spanish customer visited Green Pedel. Accompanied by the Snow,who is our General Manager, the customer visited the exhibition and test area, and left a deep impression on the strict inspection process of Green Pedel. Snow also introduced and demonstrated the latest products to customers. The customers tried some products, and the new products were unanimously recognized by customers. These products are suitable for the European market, and I believe that they can be promoted successfully in the later stage. The customer also put forward a lot of customized requirements, the manager and the engineer gave professional advice and corresponding solutions.


Finally, we took a group photo with the customer and asked them to leave a signature on the signature wall to commemorate the growth of Green Pedel.


Green Pedel thanked the friends and their trust and support.We will serve customers from more countries with more efforts and professionalism.
From 2016 to 2019, GP's customers expanded from Europe to Australia, Southeast Asia and more. It shows that GP's international competitiveness is increasingly strengthened, and GP's products have been recognized by more countries and markets!


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