Electric Bicycle Manufacturer

1. Electric Bicycle Wholesale
2. OEM/ODM Custom Services
3. High Cost Performance

Sourcing Electric Bicycle from Green Pedel

 For Brand Owner

OEM/ODM services based on a team with professional and strong capabilities of E-bike model development. The NDA will be signed. We focus on quality controll and packing details.

 For Wholesalers

According to the market demand to recommend the hot-selling E-bikes with a competitive price and good profit.

 For Fence Contractors & Building Contractors

Providing after-sales service. Overseas warehouse with sufficient inventory and good profit.

Synapse With Green Pedel


City Electric Bicycle

1Mountain Electric Bicycle


Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

1Folding Electric Bicycle

388A4520Cargo Electric Bicycle


Can't Find The Ideal Ebike For Your Customers?

We provide customized solutions for all customers and provide expert consultation on e-bikes to get connected quickly.
  • Mechanical Parts
  • Transmission System
  • Electric System
  • Additonal Accessories

Welcome To Visit Our Factory

  • As the founders of greedpedel,we have been in the bicycle industry. since 2010, we founded greenpedel in 2016. 

    Greenpedel was founded out of a passion for electric bikes and a vision of the global market for electric bikes. presently,the greenpedel team has grown to 40 members.from product design r&d manufacturing , installation , and quality control , our team pro- vides complete product services.

    5 years of business has passed greenpedel team continue to maintain our original mission to bring better product experience to e-bike users around the world.

Electric Bicycle Manufacturer Production Process

Cooperation Process