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Greenpedel EDGE Ebike Lithium Battery

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Downtube FR-4 Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery,high cost performance product,fit perfectly for folding bikes.
  • GP.FR
  • Green pedel
  • down tube lithium battery
  • 52
  • 18650




Battery chemistry    lithium-ion battery

Max cell configuration    10S5P/13S4P

Rated Voltage    36V/48V

BMS    20A-30A

Case capacity(cells)    52pcs

Battery charge cycles    500 cycles to 70% capacity

Battery cell type    18650

Battery charger    DC2.1, different standard plug for different country

The batteries we use are all lithium-ion batteries, and the batteries we use are basically cheaper Chinese cells and some well-known brands such as LG cells, Samsung cells and Panasonic cells. The capacity of the battery can reach up to 72V 25.6AH, which basically meets the use requirements of all electric bicycles